Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hooray! We got married.

On August 22nd, Chris and I decided we had nothing better to do so we decided to swing by the temple and get married.

No, but really. We did and are so appreciative of all the family and friends that flew/drove to be there to celebrate that day with us. In fact, here are some shots of those who made it to the reception in Oregon:

Newblett with Mother Newblett.

"Have you seen these men?"

"You guys are still together? Congrats!" I love Steff.

Three of our favourite people (we can see you Robby).

We are still waiting on the official pictures of the time at the temple. However, Katie took a great picture with her phone (thanks!) soon after we came out of the temple doors.

If audiences (*cough cough* Mom) are interested, I can post more wedding pictures as I get them.


cjacob said...

Great post. Nice pictures. Good people. I think Cameron has the best pose.

Mary said...

Beautiful couple!!! Wonderful day! Welcome to the Randalls, Chris. Watch out for those brothers-in-law!